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Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo, Plegaria Muda, 2008

Doris Salcedo, ‘Plegaria Muda’ (detail) (2008)

Horace Pippin

Horace Pippin, Amish Letter Writer, 1940

Horace Pippin, ‘Amish Letter Writer’ (1940)

Anton Henning

Anton Henning Anton Henning, 2007-1

Anton Henning Anton Henning, 2007-2

Installation view of Anton Henning‘s show ‘Anton Henning’ (2007) at SMAK, Ghent.

Horace Pippin


Horace Pippin, ‘Giving Thanks’ (1942)

Peggy Clydesdale

Peggy Clydesdale-GG Allin, Wendy O. Williams and Nancy Spungen

GG Allin, Wendy O. Williams and Nancy Spungen drinking tea in a watercolor by Peggy Clydesdale.

Becky Beasley



‘Camera I-V’ (2014) by Becky Beasley.

Sigmar Polke


‘Tisch mit umgekippter Kanne (Table with Overturned Mug)’ (1970) by Sigmar Polke.

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke, Untitled #1, 2005
Hans Haacke, untitled #1 (2005)

Gert Robijns



Gert Robijns, untitled (2012)

Luis Camnitzer

luis_camnitzer-Garden Wall Door Table 1968

Luis Camnitzer, ‘Garden Wall Door Table’ (1968)