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Billy Apple


‘2 Minutes 33 Seconds (Red)’ (1962) by Billy Apple.

The time it took Apple to eat and recast the apple after each munching session.

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson - Malus Sieversii (2008)

Matt Johnson, ‘Malus Sieversii’ (2008)

Tania Theodorou / Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky


‘One of Two Things. Apple Hills (EFK)’ (2010) by Tania Theodorou & Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky.

Daniel Malone / Billy Apple

Daniel Malone / Billy Apple.

Alex Turgeon

Alex Turgeon, ‘Pool of fruit’ (2011)

Jack Strange

Jack Strange‘s ‘Spinning beach ball of death’

Remember this?

Arend deGruyter-Helfer

‘Meditating staring into my screensaver’ (2009)

‘Minimizing myself’ (2010) by Arend deGruyter-Helfer.

Stephen Lichty

‘Two Bears’ by Stephen Lichty.

Billy(TM) Apple

billy apple

This is a picture of the apple ‘species’ that Billy Apple is growing in New Zealand. A spotless, perfectly red apple that’s supposed to hit a grocery store near you sometime in the coming years…