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John Espinosa

John Espinosa, ‘Things you can or can’t learn on TV’ (2001)

Rob Pruitt & Walter Early

‘Sculpture for teenage boys (Miller pyramid, 13 high)’ (1990)


‘Beer cans (sculpture for teenage boys)’ (1990) by Rob Pruitt & Walter Early.

Koshi Kawachi

‘OK’ ‘Give you’ (2010) by Koshi Kawachi.

Koshi Kawashi sanded down these cans only to leave out a small message of text. (via)

Frederik van Simaey

‘Hard Brake (2008) by Frederik van Simaey.

Piero Manzoni


‘Artist’s Shit’ (1961) by Piero Manzoni.

Each 30-gram can was priced by weight based on the current value of gold (around $1.12 a gram in 1961).

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