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Sarra Turan

Sarra Turan

Sarra Turan, untitled (2013)

Richard Wentworth

Yellow Eight 1985 by Richard Wentworth born 1947

Richard Wentworth, ‘Yellow Eight’ (1985)

Christiane Löhr

christianeloehr-Zwei kleine Kuppeln two little domes, 2009 plant stalks, grass stalks

Christiane Löhr, ‘Zwei kleine Kuppeln (two little domes)’ (2009)

Plant stalks, grass stalks.

Alessandra Sanguinetti

sanguinetti Juanas-bed_2003

Alessandra Sanguinetti, ‘Bed’ (2003)

Tomas Dzadon


tomasdzadon_CARPENTER`S JOINT2

Tomás Dzadon, ‘Carpenter’s joint’ (2006)

Paul Geelen

paulgeelen_Untitled _ tie wraps, 2013

Paul Geelen, Untitled (2013)

Pierre Ardouvin


Pierre Ardouvin, ‘Debout’ (2005)

gerlach en koop


‘The Two Pages’ (2010) by gerlach en koop.

The upper side of an unopened pack of copying paper (left) copied onto the
fivehundred sheets of a second pack, that have subsequently been rewrapped (right).

Reiner Ruthenbeck

Reiner Ruthenbeck_Arche Noah II  1972

Reiner Ruthenbeck, ‘Arche Noah II’ (1972)