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Helmut Smits




Helmut Smits, ‘The real thing’ (2014)

A distilling installation that turns Coca-Cola back into clean drinking water.

Barcaccia Fountain


The Barcaccia fountain in Rome (1629 by Pietro Bernini) after being visited by Feijenoord football supporters in February 2015.

Jan Huijben

‘Coca-Cola Kabbala’ (2012) by Jan Huijben

The kabbalistic symbol of the tree of life noticed in the pattern of the bottom of a Coca Cola crate.

Freya Hattenberger

Freya Hattenberger, ‘Ich bin’s’ (‘It’s me’) (2004)

Koshi Kawachi

‘OK’ ‘Give you’ (2010) by Koshi Kawachi.

Koshi Kawashi sanded down these cans only to leave out a small message of text. (via)