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Simon Senn

‘Clichy-sous-Bois’ (2010) by Simon Senn

Two young residents of Clichy-sous-Bois are introducing themselves and are answering the questions from the interview given to them. The questions are constructed from derogatory stereotypes associated with youth and are openly provocative, moralistic and pejorative. Gradually, they begin to get excited and end up by attacking the cameraman who runs away.

The video is separated in two episodes: the interview and the attack. By reversing the temporality of the narrative in showing the violent reaction before its provocation, the video starts with a spectacular action.

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Rogier Roeters

‘Thomas’ by Rogier Roeters

Diederik Klomberg

‘Flesh’ by Diederik Klomberg

Finnbogi Petursson

‘Volcano No: 4’ (2010) by Finnbogi Petursson.

Isabelle Hayeur

Isabelle Hayeur, ‘Fire with fire’ (2010)

Milica Tomic

‘I am Milica Tomic’ (1999) by Milica Tomic

Nasan Tur

The video installation ‘Collective Notice’ (< click to see a video) contains portraits of 10 people who disappeared in their homelands because of their political activities. Nasan Tur commissioned street artists to draw portraits of these people who are still missing. In the installation visitors see the materialization of these portraits in a period of 9 hours.

Barbara Visser

‘Portrait of the artist’ (1992) by Barbara Visser.

Eighteen drawings by eighteen street artists all over Europe and the U.S. depicting the artist.

Oscar Muñoz

Oscar Muñoz, ‘Re-Trato’ (2003)

A video of Muñoz painting a portrait in water on a hot stone over and over, while it evaporates and vanishes.

Mircea Cantor

‘Untitled (unpredicteble future)’ (2004) by Mircea Cantor. (also see Markus Rummens)