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Müge Yilmaz

muege yilmaz

‘Circle of Necessities (Halay)’ (2012), by Müge Yilmaz.


Ottoman miniature from the Surname-i Vehbi, showing the Column with the three serpent heads, in a celebration at the Hippodrome in 1582

Ottoman miniature from the Surname-i Vehbi (‘Book of Festival’, an album with illustrations depicting celebrations), showing the Column with the three serpent heads, in a celebration at the Hippodrome in 1582.

Ahmet Ögüt



Ahmet Ögüt, ‘My Spy Desk’ (2011)

installation with Spy Cam Glasses, Spy Cam Watch, Spy Cam Pen, Spy Cam Lighter, Spy Cam Car Key, Spy Cam Car Key Chain, Spy Cam MP3 Player, Spy Cam Flashlight, Spy Cam Calculator, Spy Cam ID Card, Spy Cam Cap, Spy Cam Lighter and Spy Cam Clock

Ahmet Ögüt

‘Perfect lovers’ (2008) by Ahmet Ögüt.

A two Euro coin and a Turkish lira coin.


Send him your money‘ (2010)

On March 21st 1979, American Artist, Chris Burden made a live performance of ‘send me your money’ on KPFK radio in Los Angeles.”‘Send me your money” is a spoken word piece in which Burden asks listeners to send the artist some money to his address at 823 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, California 90291. (Listen to it here.)

Ahmet Ögüt has made a re-work of this 1979 piece, with only changing Burden’s address into his address in Amsterdam. (Listen here.)


“1 of 1000 ways to stabilise a wobbly table” (2010) by Ahmet Ögüt.

Kutlug Ataman


‘Andrew Beyer’, a video-work from ‘Paradise’ by Kutlug Ataman

“I enjoy doing it because people remember me. I am also now in the Guinness Book of Records as the worlds oldest performing clown in the whole world. I have a certificate I show at my performances. It is also in the book, on page twenty-one in this year’s edition. I’ve been retired now from my regular job for about twenty-five years. But still I enjoy doing the parties, and I enjoy having people tell me that they remember me for so long.”

Servet Kocyigit



‘Blue side up’ and ‘Brrrooomm’ (2006) by Servet Kocyigit. Watch the VIDEO.