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Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo, Plegaria Muda, 2008

Doris Salcedo, ‘Plegaria Muda’ (detail) (2008)

Vikenti Komitski



Vikenti Komitski, ‘Alter Ego’ (2011)

Klaas Burger


‘Maybe it’s not meant for you, but if you’re careful, you’re free to have a look (you might like it)’ (2012) by Klaas Burger.

Kevin Yates

Kevin Yates, Usher the Fall of the House, 2013

Kevin Yates, ‘Usher the Fall of the House’ (2013)

Luciano Fabro

LucianoFabro_Attaccapanni, 1978

Luciano Fabro, ‘Attaccapanni’ (1978)

Helmut Smits


Helmut Smits, ‘Always Coca-Cola’ (2014)

This plant is only watered with Coca-Cola.

Sam Kronick

Slow Internet Cafe - Sam Kronic, Director of The Consortium for Slower Internet

‘Slow Internet Café’, by Sam Kronick, director of The Consortium for Slower Internet

Mike Pratt

mike_pratt_I've left the key under the rock in the garden 2011

Mike Pratt, ‘I’ve left the key under the rock in the garden’ (2011)

Cerith Wyn Evans


Cerith Wyn Evans, ‘Something like a picture (for Ali)’ (2011)

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Ruben Bellinkx

ruben-bellinkx2 ruben-bellinkx1

‘Philodendron Xanad 02’ (2008) by Ruben Bellinkx. Live plant growing through a wall.