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Bas Jan Ader

Bas Jan Ader – Broken fall (Organic), 1971

Bas Jan Ader, ‘Broken fall (Geometric)’ (1971)

Bas Jan Ader


Bas Jan Ader, ‘Primary Time’ (1974)

stills from silent film

Daan van Golden

Daan van Golden . Composition with blue square-1964

Daan van Golden, ‘Composition with blue square’ (1964)

Ryan Gander


‘Samson’s push, or No. VI / Composition No.II’ (2011) by Ryan Gander.

A pillar made from custom coloured LACK Ikea side tables. The colours correspond to the colours and area of the painting ‘Piet Mondrian – No. VI / Composition No.II, 1920, Oil on canvas, 1163 x 1163 x 62 mm, Purchased 1967 by the Tate collection’.

Piet Mondriaan’s 140th Birthday

Today marks the 140th birthday of Piet Mondrian!

See more images how his style keeps influencing daily life in our ever expanding collection.

(image via Naomi Taverdin)

Piet Mondrian

On February 1st 1944 Piet Mondrian died from pneumonia in New York. He was buried in Cypress Hills cemetary in Brooklyn, New York.


Stefan Benchoam

Untitled (2011), by Stefan Benchoam

Adding to the birthday celebrations, even though that was yesterday.

Olof Olsson


‘Mondriananalysis’ (1994) by Olof Olsson.

An attempt to make Mondrian more popular. In a consultation clients have their personalities analysed through birthdate-generated Mondrian pictures.

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Piet Mondriaan Collection

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We have started a growing collection of everyday stuff inspired by Piet Mondriaan. You might know it from our facebook-group. (Thanks Albert). Now also here on pietmondriaan.com

Check collection!


Feel free to send in anything related to Mondriaan! (photo’s, links etc.)

Red Cloud


Piet Mondriaan: Red cloud (1907)

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