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Henry Wessel


Henry Wessel, ‘Berkeley, California’ (1972)

Bani Abidi

intercom7a intercom9a intercom2a Intercom1a

‘Intercommunication Devices’ (2008) by Bani Abidi.

Intercommunication devices on 13th Street, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan.


Luis Camnitzer

luis_camnitzer-Garden Wall Door Table 1968

Luis Camnitzer, ‘Garden Wall Door Table’ (1968)

Eyal Weizman


A change in military thinking is taking place these very days, in which the military understands that future wars will take place in cities. If in the past symmetrical warfare was conducted by state militaries in the open fields, today militaries are fighting enclaves of resistance that withdraw ever deeper into the density of the urban fabric. ‘Walking through walls’ is the military tactic of tearing down holes in the façades of people’s homes (and the walls between rooms) in order to expand the battle field from the public to the private space.

Transcript of lecture by Eyal Weizman here, essay here.

Julien Douvier


by Julien Douvier


Mahony, Untitled (the many happenings), 2013. Cork granules

Mahony, Untitled (the many happenings) (2013)
Cork granules

Elmgreen & Dragset

IBC-R Elmgreen en Dragset Coolsingel Rotterdam

‘It’s never too late to say sorry’ (2012) by Elmgreen and Dragset.

Public sculpture consisting of a carefully designed museological display case containing a polished, stainless steel megaphone on a granite pedestal. Every day at 12 o’ clock sharp, a man will appear at the display case, open the door, take out the megaphone, and shout out over the Coolsingel, Rotterdam (NL): “It’s never too late to say sorry”.

Graeme Durant

graemedurant_Henry Moore004

graemedurant_Henry Moore008

graemedurant_Henry Moore010

Henry Moore sculptures drawn from memory by Graeme Durant

Leah Capaldi

LeahCapaldi_Allure_performance, perfume.  I spayed myself with ¾ of a bottle of perfume and travelled around London on public transport.

Leah Capaldi, ‘Allure’

Capaldi sprayed herself with ¾ of a bottle of perfume and travelled around London on public transport.

Klaus Weber



Klaus Weber, ‘Public Fountain LSD Hall’ (2003),  a proposal

Installation at Frieze Art Fair 2003