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Tradition prescribes that an image of Buddha cannot be bought, only gifted.

Magnus Wallin

Magnus Wallin Method, 2011, 3 human skulls

Magnus Wallin Method, detail 2011, 3 human skulls

Magnus Wallin, ‘Method’ (2011)

Ignasi Aballi

Libros 2000 by Ignasi Aballi

‘Libros’ (2000) by Ignasi Aballi

Marek Kvetan

marek_kvetan-HERITAGE 2012-2

‘Heritage’ (2012) by Marek Kvetan

Charles Ray

Plank Piece, Charles Ray, 1973

Charles Ray, ‘Plank piece’ (1972)

Ron Terada

Ron Terada, ‘Stay Away from Lonely Places’ (2005)

Aldo Gianotti

‘An angle of 180 degrees is a straight line or half a circle’ (2007) by Aldo Giannotti

The artist’s mother hanging upside-down.