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by Gummbah

David Maljkovic

David Maljkovic

From the series ‘Retired Form’ by David Malkovic (2008)

Andreas Slominski


‘Parkplatz’ by Andreas Slominski.

Michiel Huijben




‘Sculpture Garden’ (2009) by Michiel Huijben.

Michiel Huijben assigned himself and several other artists to the task of producing an artwork that they thought would in some way be typical of the art shown in sculpture gardens.

Florian Slotawa

Florian Slotawa - Koelner Reihe 2011-2

Florian Slotawa - Koelner Reihe 2011

Florian Slotawa’s Kölner Reihe or Cologne series presents the emblematic works from the park’s collection, arranged according to size. It was naturally only consistent to make room available at the park’s center for this installation, now newly experienceable in its various manifestations.

Michael Coombs

michael coombs_here today.001

michael coombs_here today.002

Michael Coombs, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ (2004)

Yto Barrada

Dormeur fig. 5 (Sleeper fig. 5) 2006 C-print

barrada sleepers

Yto Barrada, from the series ‘Sleepers’, Tangier (2006)

Giancarlo Neri


Giancarlo Neri, ‘The writer’ (2005)

Bethan Huws

‘Tableau vivant black and white animals’ (2009) by Bethan Huws

William Pope.L

William Pope.L, ‘Tompkins Square Park Crawl’ (1991)

Watch the video here : https://vimeo.com/21785641