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Adam Fearon




Adam Fearon, ‘Dwell’ (2014)

Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman I am Alone but Not Lonely, 2013

Jon Rafman, ‘I am alone, but not lonely’ (2013)

Julian Hoeber


Julian Hoeber, ‘Living Room’ (2014)

Brígida Baltar

brigida baltar canto brocado (detail), 2007

Brígida Baltar, ‘Canto brocado’ (detail) (2007)
Brick dust on floor.

Stuart Ringholt

stuart ringholt_still from this person is dead

Still from Stuart Ringholt’s ‘This person is dead’

Luka Fineisen

Luka Fineisen, "Many Particle System," 2012

Luka Fineisen, ‘Many Particle System’ (2012)

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Pyramid of Dust 2011

Matt Johnson, ‘Pyramid of dust’ (2011)

Navid Nuur


Untitled (1988-2011) by Navid Nuur

Rock, magnet and iron filings.

Joost Conijn


Joost Conijn, ‘C’est une hek’ (1997)

Francis Alÿs

Alys Tornado 2000-present

Francis Alÿs, stills from ‘Tornado’ (2000-10)

Since 2000, Alÿs has visited an area in the Mexican countryside where tornadoes occur, and has filmed his attempts to run into the eye of the storms.