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Stuart Ringholt

Stuart Ringholt Pink Chair 2011

Stuart Ringholt, ‘Pink Chair’ (2011)

Robert Wilhite


Robert Wilhite, ‘Armchair with geometric elements’.

Richard Tuttle

turbulence chair_richard tuttle

‘Turbulence Chair’ (2003) by Richard Tuttle.

Julien Douvier


by Julien Douvier

Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor


Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor, ‘Model for a fountainhead’ (2012)

mixed media. 290×290 cm

Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs, ‘Der erste sitzende Stuhl (nach langem Stehen sich zur Ruhe setzend)’ (1970)

Transl.: ‘The first chair sitting down (relaxing after standing for a long time)’

Fieke van Berkom

by Fieke van Berkom

Marlo Pascual

Untitled (2011) by Marlo Pascual

Rolo Projects

‘Comfort Deluxe’ (2011) by Rolo Projects (Roos van Leeuwen and Lola Bezemer)