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Nina Canell


‘Ode to Outer Ends’ (2010) by Nina Canell.

Adam Cruces




Adam Cruces, ‘Lost & Found’

Megarave, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Langenthal, CH

Roeland Tweelinckx

roeland tweelinckx Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 11.02.05

Roeland Tweelinckx, ‘Architectural Intervention 001’ (2011)

Lorelinde Verhees

30_red stripe plane web_v3

30_closeup web

Lorelinde Verhees, untitled (2013)

cloth, rope, incision

Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller, ‘Homage to Yves Klein, Levitation (Child)’, 2011

Susan Hiller, ‘Homage to Yves Klein, Levitation (Child)’ (2011)

Koki Tanaka

I considered the title of this work but it never come up. Following things could be related to the title.

1) I love to go out from the exhibition space because of BankART facing the sea.

2)There are so many trashes which some artists made and showed as art work before in BankART.

3) I want to make a raft using those trashes.

4) I think it’s not a question that the raft float on water or not but it’s good to be floating there.

(2007) Koki Tanaka.

Magnus Thierfelder

Magnus Thierfelder, ‘Lost Control’

Tomás Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno, ‘3x12MW / Flying Garden / Air-Port-City’ (2007)

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke, ‘Blue Sail’ (1964)

Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno, ‘Speech Bubbles’ (1997)