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Al Freeman

Al Freeman - Wand, Seafoam, Sharktooth

Al Freeman, ‘Wand, Seafoam, Sharktooth’ (2014-2015)

Branches, manila rope, drop cloth, gesso, oil paint.

Eric Bainbridge

The Ghost of Jimmy the Nail – 2012-eric-bainbridge

Eric Bainbridge, ‘The Ghost of Jimmy the Nail’ (2012)

(Thanks, Mike)

Matteo Rubbi



Matteo Rubbi, ‘River (Eridanus)’ (2013)

Eridu was an ancient city in south Mesopotamia along the Euphrates, one of the first cities ever. Eridanus was a small river close to Athens, and it was the old name of the Po. It was said that Eridanus was the Nile or Ganges. Eridanus is a constellation about a mythical river, a sort of old paradigm for all the rivers.

Luciano Fabro

LucianoFabro_Attaccapanni, 1978

Luciano Fabro, ‘Attaccapanni’ (1978)

Lorelinde Verhees

30_red stripe plane web_v3

30_closeup web

Lorelinde Verhees, untitled (2013)

cloth, rope, incision

An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World

23 Feb

Sober & Lonely Institute for the Arts in reaction to ‘Ironing a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory’ by Annelies Propstra at An Experiment to? Test the Destiny of the World

Ian Kiaer

Ian Kiaer, ‘Dumas project: large white offset’ (2010)