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Michael Crowe

Crowe_final_envelope copy






crowe_paris 158

by Michael Crowe


Philippe Parreno

Philippe Parreno, ‘Speech Bubbles’ (1997)

Niklaus Ruegg

‘Balloontorturingtable’ by Niklaus Ruegg

Vaast Colson

‘Though a lie be swift, the truth overtakes it. Ten fibs I told as a child’ (2006) by Vaast Colson

Ten lies Vaast Colson told as a child were printed on 500 white balloons. Each balloon is accompanied by a mini-disc on which Colson explains the project and a signed and numbered information card. During the opening the balloons were filled with helium and released. The people who found a balloon were invited to send a photograph of themselves with the balloon. The most distant balloon thus far was found at 770 km from Antwerp.