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Thomson & Craighead

thomson&craighead fan

‘Television Fan’ by Thomson & Craighead.

The fan blows onto VHS rustling leaves and every minute or so, a rhythmic cycle of flash frame images appear, taken from an old catalogue selling film washers. The fleeting glimpses of a woman presenting a wardrobe’s worth of machinery are reminiscent of a spangled magician’s assistant.

Dren Maliqi

Dren Maliqi-Hot and Cold

Dren Maliqi, ‘Hot and Cold’ (2006)

Syd Barrett

‘Bob Dylan Blues’ (1970) by Syd Barrett

Robert Filiou

Robert Filiou,  ‘7 Childlike Uses of Warlike Material’ (1970)

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke, ‘Blue Sail’ (1964)

Joe Grimm

Joe Grimm, ‘Bisected Fan II’ (2009)

Peter Blake

Peter Blake, ‘Self-Portrait with Badges’ (1961)

Candice Breitz

‘Queen’ (2005)


and ‘King’ (2005) by Candice Breitz.

Breitz gathered fans of Madonna and Michael Jackson by posting advertisements in newspapers and fan websites. They were asked to sing and dance their way through a key album. This was recorded and shown simultaneously.


Zilvinas Kempinas

‘Double O’ (2008) by Zilvinas Kempinas.