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Ana Navas




Ana Navas, ‘Yet far more often than these text based pieces, one would play pure melodies on the mouth organ (version II)’ (2013)

Based on descriptions of audio guides from ethnographic museums, 10 objects are created out of paper napkins. The originals remain unseen; the reconstruction relies only on the information heard.

Thoka Maer

thoka maer2.

by Thoka Maer.

Helmut Smits


Risograph by Helmut Smits.

Simon Bérard


Simon Bérard, Untitled (Convoyeur).

Trying to establish a potential new superstition, Bérard wore a coin in his left shoe for one year. Untitled (Convoyeur) is the material witness to this performance.

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes_My Memory Translates Everything into Something Else

Sharon Hayes, ‘My Memory Translates Everything into Something Else’.

Marlow Moss

marlow_moss_houten model voor constructie in aluminium 1956

Marlow Moss, wooden model for aluminum construction (1956)

Boris Dornbusch

borisdornbusch_Mutual Balance_2008

Boris Dornbusch, ‘Mutual Balance’ (2008)

Anca Benera

anca benera

From Anca Benera‘s ‘Navigating London’s Lost Rivers’ performance (2011)

David de Tscharner

David de Tscharner, ‘Lost’ (1998)

Magnus Thierfelder

Magnus Thierfelder, ‘Lost Control’