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Ger van Elk

Ger Van Elk_Zig Zag River I, 1979

Ger van Elk, ‘Zig Zag River I’ (1979)

Daniel Keller


Daniel Keller, ‘AmazonGlobalPriority Cairn Unit 3’ (2013)

These stacked rocks or cairns are originally an ancient symbol of ‘value-adding’ human intervention on the landscape. These Ancient Graffiti® river-stone cairns are made in Honduras, ornaments purchased from leading e-commerce site (and chief disruptor of traditional brick-and-mortar retail) Amazon.com and delivered directly to the gallery.

Anca Benera

anca benera

From Anca Benera‘s ‘Navigating London’s Lost Rivers’ performance (2011)

Jacob Dwyer

‘The river of mud’ (2011) by Jacob Dwyer

An investigation into why, in 2010, the kenyan cyclist, Zakayo Nderi, got off his bike and jumped into the river Garonne just before he was about to win stage 18 of the Tour de France. Dwyer connects his experiences of muddy rivers over the last 30 years to come to a conclusion.

Koki Tanaka

I considered the title of this work but it never come up. Following things could be related to the title.

1) I love to go out from the exhibition space because of BankART facing the sea.

2)There are so many trashes which some artists made and showed as art work before in BankART.

3) I want to make a raft using those trashes.

4) I think it’s not a question that the raft float on water or not but it’s good to be floating there.

(2007) Koki Tanaka.

William Stone

William Stone, ‘Spilled to the sea’ (2011)

Adam Chodzko

Adam Chodzko, ‘Corner’ (2007)

Made for the exhibition ‘Gallery Exchange’ at Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt am Main.

Thank you, Jason!

Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson, Bad Dog (All the left plinths from Art Basel, Nada and Pulse. 4 turntables. and all the records (300) from the thrift store nearest to the gallery.), 2008