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Oskar Dawicki


‘Exit’ (2009) by Oskar Dawicki

Al Freeman

Al Freeman - Wand, Seafoam, Sharktooth

Al Freeman, ‘Wand, Seafoam, Sharktooth’ (2014-2015)

Branches, manila rope, drop cloth, gesso, oil paint.

Bertjan Pot




Masks (2010-ongoing) by Bertjan Pot

Radu Comsa

Radu Comsa  Large composition with red-2012
Radu Comsa, ‘Large composition with red’ (2012)

Lorelinde Verhees

30_red stripe plane web_v3

30_closeup web

Lorelinde Verhees, untitled (2013)

cloth, rope, incision

Tomas Alonso

Stool and trestle ‘5° family’ (2009) by Nils Holger Moormann for Tomas Alonso Studio

Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets, ‘Perspective Correction’ (1968)

Aldo Gianotti

‘An angle of 180 degrees is a straight line or half a circle’ (2007) by Aldo Giannotti

The artist’s mother hanging upside-down.