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Roman Signer

Roman Signer, Beim Chef, 2009

Roman Signer, ‘Beim Chef’ (2009)

Edith Dekyndt



Stills from ‘XY 02’ by Edith Dekyndt

Watch video extract here.

Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke, ‘Blue Sail’ (1964)

Ann Messner

Fom ‘Subway stories’ (1979) by Ann Messner

Russell Hill

Russell Hill, ‘Pump’ (2010)

Eric Von Robertson

‘Desert Lodge’ by Eric Von Robertson

The Desert lodge is a prototype for a makeshift shelter used for getting from here to there – a synthetic tumbleweed drifting in the wind. It plays on an intuitive sense of geometry and lightweight structures. The Lodge traverses diverse zones in an attempt to be realized, from an instore prototyping demonstration in IKEA to the High Plains mesas in Arizona, the Lodge is in a constant state of motion.

Kendell Geers

KendellGeers93-TW(Blow)-1 KendellGeers93-TW(Blow)-2

KendellGeers93-TW(Blow)-3 KendellGeers93-TW(Blow)-6

KendellGeers93-TW(Blow)-8 KendellGeers93-TW(Blow)-9

‘The devil never rests aka BLOW’ (1999) by Kendell Geers. Watch video.

Some more nice video’s:

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