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William Wegman

wegman, dramatic hat dance, 1974

William Wegman, ‘Dramatic Hat Dance’ (1974)

Maria Loboda


loboda 2

Maria Loboda, ‘A ROOM AS A SONG’ (2009)

Paint, Materials for Harpsichord: Felt, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ayous, Steel Wires

Gabriel Orozco

orozco - rolling life's hand line

Gabriel Orozco, ‘Rolling Life’s Hand Line’ (2003)

Christian von Mechel

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‘Twelve stages in the sequence from the head of a frog to the head of a primitive man’ and ‘Twelve stages in the sequence from the head of a primitive man to the head of the Apollo Belvedere’

Colored etchings by Christian von Mechel after Lavater (1797). Wellcome Library, London

Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller, ‘Homage to Yves Klein, Levitation (Child)’, 2011

Susan Hiller, ‘Homage to Yves Klein, Levitation (Child)’ (2011)

Mika Rottenberg


Mika Rottenberg, ‘Study #2’ (2009)

Paolo Chiasera

‘Madonna della Scodella’ (2012) by Paolo Chiasera.

“So the question is: what information can be gleaned from paintings about the knowledge that this power has tried to conceal?”



John Gaughan

John Gaughan, replica of ‘The Turk‘, chess playing mechanical device originally designed by Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1770.

interview with John Gaughan

Kathrin Schlegel

Kathrin Schlegel, ‘Bitte nicht wieder klauen’ (‘Please don’t steal again’) (2011)

Work for an existing pedestal whose sculpture had been stolen. This original was a figurative bronze sculpture by Jan Spiering that showed two figures playing with a ball. The work is based on the “absent presence” of the ball as a relic of Spiering’s work, which is realized on the abandoned pedestal in the form of a classic magic trick: the “floating ball under a cloth”.