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Zastava 101

Serbian commercial for the Zastava 101 car (1971-1972). (through Aleksandra Domanovic)

Aleksandra Domanovic

‘New Me’ (2006) by Jamie Lidell. Music video directed by Aleksandra Domanovic.

Pierre Ardouvin


Pierre Ardouvin, ‘Tout l’univers’ (2004)

Installation on a table, featuring a plant in a pot, a fish in a bowl and a bird in a cage.

Ruben Bellinkx



‘The table turning’ (2006) by Ruben Bellinkx. (drawing and 16 mm film)

William Hundley


William Hundley, ‘Chihuahua with cheeseburger’ (2008)

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Andy Warhol eats a Hamburger


Andy Warhol eats a hamburger (1982)

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Joseph Beuys vs America


‘Sonne statt Reagan’ (1983) popsong by Joseph Beuys

A protest song against America and its use of nuclear weapons.

‘I like America and America likes me’, Beuys’ famous performance in New York (1974).

In May 1974 Beuys flew to New York and was taken by ambulance to the site of the performance, a room in the René Block Gallery on East Broadway. He shared this room with a wild coyote, for eight hours over three days. At times he stood, wrapped in a thick, grey blanket of felt, leaning on a large shepherd’s staff. At the end of the three days, Beuys hugged the coyote that had grown quite tolerant of him, and was taken to the airport. Again he rode in a veiled ambulance, leaving America without having set foot on its ground.

Hung-Chih Peng


‘One black, one white’ (2001) by Hung-Chih Peng. Watch the video HERE.

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Erik Kessels


‘In almost every picture 5’ collected by Erik Kessels and Marion Blomeyer.

The fifth edition of in almost every picture is a series made by the owners of a special and photogenic Dalmatian dog. The beauty of the Dalmatian, its physique and coloring and disposition, make her outstanding.

Also check out the website of (and refresh the page a few times!).

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Francis Alÿs


Francis Alÿs, ‘Night watch’ (2004)

Alÿs released a fox, called Bandit, into the deserted gallery at night. Seen from the high viewpoint of the security cameras, the fox looks a little puzzled among all the paintings of the great and the good. Like the guards, the fox is out of context; an intruder, observed dispassionately.

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