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Leon Eisermann

Leon-eisermann-Oil on Canvas, Canvas on Oil, Oil on Canvas’, 2013

Leon Eisermann, ‘Oil on Canvas, Canvas on Oil, Oil on Canvas’ (2013)

C. Winter


‘Shaker Dance’ by C. Winter

Kim Beom

Kim Beom, Yellow Scream (2012) - 1

Kim Beom, Yellow Scream (2012) - 2

Kim Beom, ‘Yellow Scream’ (2012)

Watch full video here.

Robert Altman

Opening scene from ‘The Player’, by Robert Altman (1992)

Madalina Zaharia

Madalina Zaharia, ‘We will not play, we will only detonate’ (2011)

Andy Warhol eats a Hamburger


Andy Warhol eats a hamburger (1982)

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Erik Kessels


‘In almost every picture 5’ collected by Erik Kessels and Marion Blomeyer.

The fifth edition of in almost every picture is a series made by the owners of a special and photogenic Dalmatian dog. The beauty of the Dalmatian, its physique and coloring and disposition, make her outstanding.

Also check out the website of kesselskramer.com (and refresh the page a few times!).

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Martha Rosler

Semiotics of the Kitchen‘ (1975) by Martha Rosler.