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Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth South East Spain, 2007, 2013

Richard Wentworth, ‘South East Spain, 2007’ (2013)

Müge Yilmaz

muege yilmaz

‘Circle of Necessities (Halay)’ (2012), by Müge Yilmaz.

Marc Bijl

Bijl_Flash Art kopie

Marc Bijl, ‘Flash Art’ (2002)

In 2002 Bijl made a fake edition of the art magazine Flash Art, containing only articles about him and advertisements for his own exhibitions.

B. Wurtz

B.Wurtz-Untitled, 1997

B. Wurtz, Untitled (1997)

Fred Pradeau

‘Coca-Cola Alcohol Distiller’ (2001)

‘Coca-Cola Alcohol Bottle’ (2001) by Fred Pradeau

A huge amount of coca cola is made to rot, and alcohol is distilled from it, using a machine made out of kitchen and plumbing tools.

Stan Douglas

‘Monodramas’ (1987-1991) by Stan Douglas.

Douglass ‘Monodramas’, ten 30- to 60-second videos from 1991, conceived as interventions into commercial television, interrupted the usual flow of advertising and entertainment when broadcast nightly in British Columbia for three weeks in 1992.


Another one from an unknown author.

Kari Altmann

‘Adspace’ (2008) by Kari Altmann.

Helmut Smits

‘Greenscreen’ (2009) by Helmut Smits.

A football summary were the grass is used as a greenscreen for commercial messages.

The Space Chair Project (Commercial)

Commercial for Toshiba, by Grey London Agency

I like it.