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Michael E. Smith

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Michael E. Smith, ‘Sleep’ (2013)

exhaust pipe, taxidermied chicken, 139 x 16 x 29 cm, installation view CAPC, Bordeaux

Sarah Lucas


Sarah Lucas, ‘The artist eating a banana’ (1990)

Christian Jankowski


‘The Hunt’ (1992) by Christian Jankowski. Better video here.

Billy Apple


‘2 Minutes 33 Seconds (Red)’ (1962) by Billy Apple.

The time it took Apple to eat and recast the apple after each munching session.

Tania Theodorou / Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky


‘One of Two Things. Apple Hills (EFK)’ (2010) by Tania Theodorou & Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky.

Bethan Huws

‘The chocolate bar’ (2003) by Bethan Huws

Tadasu Takamine

Stills from the video ‘God bless America’ (2002) by Tadasu Takamine.

Tadasu Takamine and his lovely assistant shared a room with a huge clay face for eighteen consecutive days. Before the eye of the camera, they ate, slept, read, had sex and made continuous changes to the face, animating it to keep time with a scratchy, halting recording of the American patriotic classic “God Bless America”.


DEMOCRACIA, ‘Eat the rich/Kill the poor’ (2010)

Intervention on a hummer limo for transportation of collectors and art lovers during Armory Show 2010, New York. (Photos by Rodrigo Pereda)

Andy Warhol eats a Hamburger


Andy Warhol eats a hamburger (1982)

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