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Lotte Geeven


‘127109 & 127110’ (2014) by Lotte Geeven.

Two sensory robots deployed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. According to currents of the sea the two objects are supposed to meet in the middle of the ocean approximately one year from now.  The location and time of the deployment of both objects has been carefully calculated in order to optimize the chances of an encounter. The movement of the robots can be followed on http://127109and127110.com.

Noemie Goudal

Noemie Goudal, Iceberg, from Haven Her Body Was

Noemie Goudal, ‘Iceberg’, from ‘Haven Her Body Was’.

Cevdet Erek

‘SSS / Shore Scene Soundtrack’ (2007) by Cevdet Erek.

Mirko Martin

Mirko Martin, ‘Ocean Front Walk’ (2006/2007), watch the video here.

Mirko Martin will be part of our upcoming screening programme Sorry for not standing still, at Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam! Opening Friday November 23.

Thomson & Craighead

‘More Songs of Innocence and of Experience’ (2012) by Thomson & Craighead.


Zastava 101

Serbian commercial for the Zastava 101 car (1971-1972). (through Aleksandra Domanovic)