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Eric Baudelaire

Eric-Baudelaire-EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL (I) 2011

Eric Baudelaire, ‘Everything is political (I)’ (2011)

39 books and 39 recordings of the final sentences of each book.

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes_My Memory Translates Everything into Something Else

Sharon Hayes, ‘My Memory Translates Everything into Something Else’.

Rachel de Joode


by Rachel de Joode

Shana Moulton

‘The Mountain Where Everything is Upside Down’ (2006) by Shana Moulton.

Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson, ‘To the insane I owe them everything’ (2009)

John Baldessari

John Baldessari, ‘Everything is purged from this painting but art’ (1966-1968)


Pierre Ardouvin


Pierre Ardouvin, ‘Tout l’univers’ (2004)

Installation on a table, featuring a plant in a pot, a fish in a bowl and a bird in a cage.

Roman Signer

Roman Signer, ’56 kleine Helicopter’ (2008)

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