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Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller, ‘One Minute of Doubt’ (1999)

Sol Lewitt

SOL LEWITT - All ifs ands or buts connected by green lines - 1973

Sol Lewitt, ‘All ifs ands or buts connected by green lines’ (1973)

Job Koelewijn




‘Schedule of Moments’ (1997) by Job Koelewijn.

A simple schedule of the artist’s different moods (in Dutch).
Some of them: wonder / devotion / courage / sex drifts / willpower / love / blame / trust / doubt / shame / concentration / desperation / indifference / creativity

Gareth Long


Gareth Long, ‘Work in progress’

Made as part of a suite of works foregrounding the mechanisms of artistic production. A looped depiction of the cartoon character Daffy Duck, seemingly locked in the throes of ‘writer’s block’, it points with humour to the sincerity and anguish of the creative process.

Hung-Chih Peng


‘One black, one white’ (2001) by Hung-Chih Peng. Watch the video HERE.

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