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Rineke Dijkstra

Rineke Dijkstra, Ruth Drawing Picasso, Tate Liverpool, 2009

Rineke Dijkstra, ‘Ruth Drawing Picasso’ (2009)

Marcel Mariën

Mains - Marcel Marien

Marcel Mariën, ‘Mains’ (1970)


Bas Schevers




Bas Schevers, ‘Impulse’ (2012)

During this one minute performance, eleven people (attendees of the opening) suddenly interrupted the existing situation with brief actions that were exaggerations of normal gallery behavior. Some examples of these simultaneously performed actions are: someone closely examining an empty corner of the space, a man was thinking of something really sad until it made him cry, two people talking to eachother while rythmically clacking their heels, someone singing in the toilet, a photographer taking pictures of the photographer and eventually two wine glasses falling on the floor in two different corners of the space at the exact same time.

Commissioned by pietmondriaan.com for our exhibition I Want to Believe. Photos by Jan Adriaans.

Jaap Scheeren

mother nature

dead dragon


Photos by Jaap Scheeren.

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Hannah Whitaker

Below images are photographs by Hannah Whitaker. Via

hannah witaker-rabbit

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William Hundley


William Hundley, ‘Chihuahua with cheeseburger’ (2008)

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