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Oskar Dawicki


‘Exit’ (2009) by Oskar Dawicki

Piotr Lakomy


by Piotr Lakomy

Piotr Lakomy

piotr lakomy-fluffy shell-2003-2012-altered nike jacket

Piotr Lakomy, ‘Fluffy Shell’ (2003-2012)

Altered Nike jacket.

Wojciech Bakowski

wojciech bakowski

by Wojciech Bakowski.

Monika Sosnowska

Monika Sosnowska, ‘Doors (Drzwi)’, 2003

Monika Sosnowska, ‘Doors (Drzwi)’ (2003)

Maria Loboda


loboda 2

Maria Loboda, ‘A ROOM AS A SONG’ (2009)

Paint, Materials for Harpsichord: Felt, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ayous, Steel Wires

Leon Wyczolkowski

Leon Wyczolkowski - Spring in Goscieradz (1933)

Leon Wyczólkowski, ‘Spring in Goscieradz’ (1933)

Katarzyna Kobro

Katarzyna Kobro

Katarzyna Kobro

Katarzyna Przezwanska

Katarzyna Przezwanska-ZG_1

‘Ornament’ (2010) (painted building decorations)

Katarzyna Przezwanska-basen_2

‘Pool’ (2010) by Katarzyna Przezwa&#324ska.

Oskar Dawicki


Oskar Dawicki, ‘I’m sorry’ (2010)

Live in front of the audience Dawicki reads a text explaining he’s sorry for the failed performance he’s giving. Finally, to make up for wasting the audience’s time and the curator’s chance of putting on a good show, he hands out sweets while a taperecorder plays the sound of him crying and once more apologizing.

A performance seen in Rotterdam during Witte de With’s performance cycle ‘Let us compare mythologies’. Pictures by Peter Rakossy.



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