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Mircea Cantor


‘Wind Orchestra’ (2012) by Mircea Cantor. Watch video here.

Mircea Cantor


‘Underestimated consequences’ (2011) by Mircea Cantor.

Mircea Cantor

All the directions1_130x187,7(6)

Mircea Cantor, ‘All the Directions’ (2000)

Mircea Cantor

‘Untitled (unpredicteble future)’ (2004) by Mircea Cantor. (also see Markus Rummens)

Mircea Cantor


Mircea Cantor, ‘Born to be burnt’ (2009)

Incense stick

Mircea Cantor

Mircea Cantor, ‘Deeparture’ (as presented at the MoMA) (2005)

‘Deeparture’ involves two unwitting players, a wolf and a deer, in perhaps the most unlikely and artificial environment in which they can find themselves—a white-cube gallery.

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