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The Spirit of Ecstacy on a Rolls Royce protected. Found in South London.

Walter Swennen


by Walter Swennen.

Georgia O’Keeffe

City Night_1926_Georgia O-Keeffe

‘City Night’ (1926) by Georgia O’Keeffe

John Henry Newton


John Henry Newton, ‘1994/1994 (Powercut)’ (2014)

René Magritte

1936 Magritte L'Avenir, 54x65 cm

René Magritte, ‘L’avenir’ (1936)

Edward Hopper

hopper night windows

Edward Hopper, ‘Night Windows’ (1928)

Juanan Eguiguren

Juanan Eguiguren, ‘Cone performance’

Chu Yun



‘Constellation’ (2006) by Chu Yun.

Galaxy made out of LED lights from various devices.

Bernard Gigounon

Bernard Gigounon, ‘Prelude’ (2003)

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Michel de Broin

nuit blanche - michel de broin

nuit blanche - michel de broin2

Michel de Broin, ‘Nuit Blanche’ (2009)

The largest mirror ball ever made was suspended from a construction crane 50 meters above the ground to render the starry sky to the citizens of Paris for one night in the Jardin du Luxembourg during the Nuit Blanche event.