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Chris Brans


“Since Carla left me, I’ve had to draw for myself every night” by Chris Brans

Stuart Hawkins

Stuart Hawkins Place Setting-2010

Stuart Hawkins, ‘Place Setting’ (2010)

Mircea Cantor


‘Wind Orchestra’ (2012) by Mircea Cantor. Watch video here.

Tim Head

tim head equilibrium 75

Tim Head, ‘Equilibrium’ (1975)

Eduardo Arroyo


Eduardo Arroyo, ‘6 laitues, 1 couteau et 3 épluchures’ (6 lettuces, 1 knife and 3 peels)

Mauro Cerqueira

mauro cerqueira-"Entroncamento"2009

Mauro Cerqueira, ‘os joelhos em sangue sobre a neve’ (bloody knees in the snow) (2009)

Dirk Verschure

by Dirk Verschure

Peter Campus

‘Three transitions’ (1973)  by Peter Campus

André Kok

Watch video here

‘Hersengymnastiek’ (brain gymnastics) by André Kok