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Oskar Dawicki


‘Exit’ (2009) by Oskar Dawicki

Elena Herzog

Elena Herzog, Civilization and its Discontents, 2003

Elena Herzog, ‘Civilization and its Discontents’ (2003)

Philip Janssens


Philip Janssens, ‘No title (Open Windows)’

William Tucker

William Tucker, Cat's Cradle, 1971

William Tucker, ‘Cat’s Cradle’ (1971)

Kurt Kranz

Kurt Kranz Mund-Reihen (Mouth rows) 1931

Kurt Kranz, ‘Mund-reihen (Mouth rows)’ (1931)

Roman Ondák

Roman Ondak, Open (2015)

Roman Ondák, ‘Open’ (2015)

Matias Faldbakken


Matias Faldbakken, Untitled (Coin Locker Sculpture) (2012)

Chris Evans


Chris Evans, at Rabo Bank Rotterdam for Sculpure International Rotterdam 2014

Chris Evans, at Rabo Bank Rotterdam for Sculpure International Rotterdam 2014

‘Portrait of a Recipient as a Door Handle’ (2014) by Chris Evans.

Permanent work on the entrance of the Rabobank office in Rotterdam.

Cooper Jacoby

Cooper Jacoby

Cooper Jacoby2

Cooper Jacoby, ‘Faces and Columns’ (2014).

Copper-plated steel, penny blanks, pennies

Anonymous Flemish artist

The panel below is what one would see when today’s diptych is closed.  The grinning gent holds a scroll that warns, “Leave this panel closed, otherwise you’ll be angry with me.”



Upon opening the diptych, the viewer is greeted with an ass shot of the cheeky man from the closed panel and opposite it, a fool who makes a hilarious gesture, mocking the viewer’s disobedience.



A scroll on the full-moon panel declares, “It’s not my fault because I warned you in advance!”  On the right panel, another scroll proclaims, “Moreover, we wanted to warn you so you wouldn’t jump out the window!”

The thistle protruding from the flasher’s undies is a symbol of pain, defense, and misanthropy.

By an unknown Flemish painter.