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Winslow Homer


Winslow Homer, ‘Snap the Whip’ (1872)

David Hall

David Hall

David Hall, ‘Tap piece’ from TV Interruptions (1971)

This is one of ten ‘TV Interruptions’ broadcast on Scottish Television unannounced and without credit in 1971.

Watch here

Francis Alÿs

Alys Tornado 2000-present

Francis Alÿs, stills from ‘Tornado’ (2000-10)

Since 2000, Alÿs has visited an area in the Mexican countryside where tornadoes occur, and has filmed his attempts to run into the eye of the storms.

An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World

17 Feb

Sober & Lonely Institute for the Arts in reaction to ‘The 2nd Sober & Lonely Synchronised Running Club Run’ with Machine Project at An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World

Stijn van Dorpe

Stijn van Dorpe, ‘Clio’ (2009)

Together with a teacher and the students of a local technical secondary school, Van Dorpe worked towards an image that translated the power and energy of both the low budget exhibition initiative and the youngsters. A black Renault Clio was turned upside down and the necessary adjustments were made to enable the car to keep on running, however without moving forward. During a performance at the opening night of the exhibition, the physical power that the car developed was shown as a dynamic spectacle – accompanied by a drummer and T-shirts printed with technical details of the car.

Anne Daems

Anne Daems, ‘People had covered their heads with plastic bags against the rain.’ (1995)

Sebastian Stumpf

Stills from the series ‘Tiefgaragen’ (2008) by Sebastian Stumpf

Gianni Motti

motti finishing

Gianni Motti, ‘Finishing’ (2000)

The day of the opening coincided with the marathon of Bienne. Gianni Motti moved the finishing line, adding an extra three meters to the distance of the race.

Christopher Richmond




Christopher Richmond, ‘Chasing the horizon’ (2008)

A performance where Richmond runs after the horizon for as long as it is in his sight.

Found on the website of the wonderful Szpilman Awards.