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David Raymond Conroy

David Raymond Conroy Every-Girl-Ive-Ever-Loved_w

David Raymond Conroy, ‘Every Girl I’ve Ever Loved’ (2006)

Robert Smithson

robert smithson

by Robert Smithson

Mungo Thomson

mungothomson_Mail, 2013

mungothomson_Mail, 201302

Mungo Thomson, ‘Mail’ (2013)

The gallery’s mail is not collected for the duration of the exhibition.



A pile of American bison skulls waiting to be ground for fertilizer, c. 1870

Felix Gonzalez-Torres


‘Untitled (Passport)’ (1991) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

White paper (endless copies).


Job Koelewijn


Job Koelewijn, ‘A balancing act’ (1998)

James Beckett

James Beckett, Stack Facade-1-2011_mixed deteriorated exotic woods

James Beckett, ‘Stack Façade 1’ (2011)

Mixed deteriorated exotic woods.

Paul Destieu

‘Fade out’ (2011) by Paul Destieu.

Lara Almarcegui


‘Construction Rubble of TENT’s Central Space’ (2011) by Lara Almarcegui.

Piles of raw construction material that equal the amounts used to build the exhibition space.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson Triple Bluff Canyon 2004

‘Triple bluff canyon’ (2004) by Mike Nelson