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Rebecca Horn

Rebecca Horn The Bright Wounded Star

Rebecca Horn, ‘The Bright Wounded Star’

Daniel Keller


Daniel Keller, ‘AmazonGlobalPriority Cairn Unit 3’ (2013)

These stacked rocks or cairns are originally an ancient symbol of ‘value-adding’ human intervention on the landscape. These Ancient Graffiti® river-stone cairns are made in Honduras, ornaments purchased from leading e-commerce site (and chief disruptor of traditional brick-and-mortar retail) Amazon.com and delivered directly to the gallery.

Martijn in’t Veld

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 10.49.48

From ‘Seven Shelves‘ (2012) by Martijn in’t Veld


Gelitin, ‘Blind sculpture’ (2010)

Peter Sandbichler

‘The Wall’ (2010), by Peter Sandbichler

Roman Signer

Roman Signer, ‘Aktion mit 48 Kisten’ (1993)

Jose Dávila

‘Fake Column’ (2002) by Jose Dávila