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Sonya Lacey


Sonya Lacey, ‘Structure for standing while talking (after Pistoletto) (2nd state)’ (2008)

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Barbara Bloom

Barbara Bloom Best of Vermeer, 1991

Barbara Bloom, ‘Best of Vermeer’ (1991)

Ryan Foerster

ryan foerster

Ryan Foerster, ‘sudbury, brighton beach etc.’ (2012)

c-print with slag and rocks

Maurice Bogaert

‘The Apartment’ (2011) by Maurice Bogaert.

The Apartment is a reconstruction of the main location in Roman Polanski’s film Repulsion (1965). For the Apartment the set of of the main location is reconstructed in such a way that one could make a remake of this scene, but in one single shot.

Pied la Biche

‘Refait’ (2009) by Pied la Biche.

‘Refait’ is a remake of the football WorldCup match between France and Germany (Seville, Spain, 1982). Shot by Pied La Biche in Villeurbanne (France), every aspect of the fifteen last minutes of the match was carefully reconstructed : players, positions, gestures, intensity, drama etc. It consists in shifting the traditional game area into the urban environment. Each sequence takes place in one or several locations and then the city temporarily becomes the lab for unsual experiments.

A way to overcome a lost football match…