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Alexander Wolff


Installation view of Alexander Wolff‘s show at Kunsthalle Lingen (2014).

Louis Kahn


Louis Kahn, ‘Study for a Mural’ (ca. 1951-53)

Walter Swennen


by Walter Swennen.

Chelsea Arts Club


From the Chelsea Art Club’s 1919 Dazzle Ball. Yvonne Gregory by Bertram Park

On March 12, 1919, the Chelsea Arts Club held a costume party, called a Dazzle Ball, at Royal Albert Hall in London. It was inspired by the abstract geometric shapes on camouflaged ships in World War I , a method that was first employed by the British, who called it “dazzle painting” or dazzle camouflage. When the Americans adopted a comparable method, they referred to it by other names, among them “baffle painting,” “jazz painting,” and (rarely) “razzle dazzle.”


Stuart Ringholt

stuart ringholt_still from this person is dead

Still from Stuart Ringholt’s ‘This person is dead’

Bas Jan Ader

Bas Jan Ader – Broken fall (Organic), 1971

Bas Jan Ader, ‘Broken fall (Geometric)’ (1971)

Peter Sandbichler

‘The Wall’ (2010), by Peter Sandbichler