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Simon Bérard


Simon Bérard, Untitled (Convoyeur).

Trying to establish a potential new superstition, Bérard wore a coin in his left shoe for one year. Untitled (Convoyeur) is the material witness to this performance.

Walter Swennen


‘Spider (small)’ (2014) by Walter Swennen.

Tue Greenfort

tue_greenfort_ A Fly's Compostition -2004

Tue Greenfort, ‘A fly’s composition’ (2004)

Series of 10 photographs on aluminium.

Maurice Bogaert


‘On-going going-on’ (2005) by Maurice Bogaert.

Maurice Bogaert tattooed his parents autographs on his feet. On the left foot his mothers and on the right foot his fathers.

An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World

14 Febsmall

Sober & Lonely Institute for the Arts in reaction to ‘Magic (Johannesburg)’ by Jon Bernad at An Experiment to Test the Destiny of the World

Wiebke Siem

wiebke siem - Turner

Wiebke Siem, ‘Turner’ (2012)

Achille Devéria

Achille Devéria, ‘The Puppets’ (1824)

Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs, ‘Auf der Unterseite der Erdoberflaeche (Kopfstehendes Hohlkoerper-Denkmal II)’ (‘On the bottom of the earth’s surface (Hollow body monument standing upside down II)’)

Matthew Day Jackson

‘Me, dead at 37’ (2011) by Matthew Day Jackson

Axel Lieber


Axel Lieber, Ohne Titel (Sockel mit Bildhauer) (2002)


‘Der Sockel des Bildhauers’ (2000/2001)
Custom-made shoe, sized to fit both the artist’s feet.