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Thoka Maer

thoka maer2.

by Thoka Maer.

Camille Henrot

Camille Henrot Navigation Chart  2010

Camille Henrot, ‘Navigation Chart’ (2010)

Boris Dornbusch

borisdornbusch_ Directions for a visiting friend (2009)

Boris Dornbusch, ‘Directions for a visiting friend’ (2009)

David Byrne

David Byrne’s ‘Tight Spot’ (2011) at the Pace Gallery, NYC.

Job Koelewijn




‘Schedule of Moments’ (1997) by Job Koelewijn.

A simple schedule of the artist’s different moods (in Dutch).
Some of them: wonder / devotion / courage / sex drifts / willpower / love / blame / trust / doubt / shame / concentration / desperation / indifference / creativity

Philippe Parreno


‘Imaginary friends’ (2005) by Philippe Parreno.

A map of the estimated total population of imaginary friends in the US.

Pierre Joseph


‘Le monde érotique’ (1998) by Pierre Joseph

An attempt to recreate the map of the world by memory. via

Marcel Broodthaers

Carte du Monde Poétique«, 1968 by Marcel Broodthaers

Carte du monde poétique, by Marcel Broodthaers

‘Every version belongs to the myth’

And so we stop by the Project Arts Centre to see the exhibition 

‘Every version belongs to the myth’


Below is a selection of a few of the works.

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Aram Bartholl

Okay, last one:




Aram Bartholl, ‘Map’ (2006-2009)