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Michael Van den Abeele

michael van de abeele the clean man

Michael Van den Abeele, ‘de Heldere man (the Clear Man)’ (2008)

Boris Dornbusch

borisdornbusch_Mutual Balance_2008

Boris Dornbusch, ‘Mutual Balance’ (2008)

Paul Geelen



Paul Geelen, untitled (2013)

Silica gel balls and one slug egg.

Goran Trbuljak

Trbuljak_Old and Bold_2008

‘Old and bald I search for a gallery’ (2008) by Goran Trbuljak

Bruno Munari

bruno munari

Bruno Munari, ‘Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair’ (1944)

Justin Kemp

“computer charger tripwire”

“dave matthews holding my livestrong bracelet”

“2010 swimsuit edition tucked inside the art of happiness”

from ‘Adding to the internet’ (2009-2011) by Justin Kemp

Angie Waller

‘The Most Boring Places in the World’ (2009) by Angie Waller

“The Most Boring Places in the World” is a Google Earth tour that pinpoints the location of bloggers, live journal-ers, and chat room commentators. These authors all claim that the city they live in or vacationed in is more boring than any other place they can imagine, at least during the time of their post.

<<launch movie>> (Google Earth plugin required)