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Ericka Beckman


Ericka Beckman, ‘You the Better’ (excerpt) (1983)

Nicolas Lamas

NICOLAS LAMAS Billiard Balls, 2014

Nicolas Lamas, ‘Billiard Balls’ (2014)



Balthus, ‘The Street’ (1933)

Max Zerrahn


by Max Zerrahn.

Miley Cyrus – Tongue Tied (dir. Quentin Jones)


Ragnar Kjartansson


‘S.S. Hangover’ (2013) by Ragnar Kjartansson at the Venice Biennale 2013.

The S.S. Hangover sails between two landings in the canal in the Arsenale. The boat will drop off the musicians one at a time, with each left to play alone on the pier as the boat sails away with the rest of the musicans still playing onboard, only to be picked up a round or two later and replaced by another musician in a continuous loop.

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Pyramid of Dust 2011

Matt Johnson, ‘Pyramid of dust’ (2011)

Pablo Picasso

picasso_stage costume 1917

Pablo Picasso, Parade (1917)

‘Parade’ (1917), some stage costumes designed by Pablo Picasso

Giancarlo Neri


Giancarlo Neri, ‘The writer’ (2005)

Jeremy Deller

‘Acid Brass’ (2005) by Jeremy Deller. A Brass Band playing Acid House anthems.