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Mahony, Untitled (the many happenings), 2013. Cork granules

Mahony, Untitled (the many happenings) (2013)
Cork granules

Brígida Baltar

brigida baltar canto brocado (detail), 2007

Brígida Baltar, ‘Canto brocado’ (detail) (2007)
Brick dust on floor.

Max Zerrahn


by Max Zerrahn.

Robert Cumming

robert cumming-shaving cream alphabet 1970

‘Shaving cream alphabet’ (1970) by Robert Cumming

Nele Azevedo

‘Melting men’ by Nele Azevedo


Martin Creed

Martin Creed, ‘Work no. 227 (Lights going on and off)’ (2001)

The lights are on for 5 seconds, off for 5 seconds…

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