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Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes Jimmy Jimmy, 2010

Richard Hughes Jimmy Jimmy, detail, 2010

Richard Hughes, ‘Jimmy, Jimmy’ (2010)

Julian Hoeber


Julian Hoeber, ‘Living Room’ (2014)

Olga Rozanova

Explosion in a Trunk from Universal War Olga Rozanova

DestructionOfGardens tumblr_mte1xr9gKk1rgxgbko1_1280

Olga Rozanova, ‘Explosion in a Trunk’ and ‘Destruction of Gardens’ from Universal War, an artist book by Aleksei Kruchenykh (1916)

‘Battle of the Futurist and the Ocean’ (~1916)

Jeff Wall


Jeff Wall, ‘The destroyed room’ (1978)

Steven Pippin




‘Point Blank’ by Steven Pippin

A series of photos made by cameras recording the precise moment of their own destruction.

Hannes Zebedin

Hannes Zebedin, ‘Present Perfect’ (2004)

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, ‘Alerting Infrastructure!’ (2003)

‘Alerting infrastructure’ is a physical hit counter that translates hits to the website of an organisation into interior damage of the physical building that they inhabit. Each unique visitor “hit” is translated into physical output in the form of activating a large, pneumatic jackhammer on a wall in the exhibition-space.

Chris Burden

Chris Burden talking about his museum installation ‘Samson’ (1985), with added VHS-eighties-please-adjust-your-television effects.

A museum installation consisting of a 100-ton jack connected to a gear box and a turnstile. The 100-ton jack pushes two large timbers against the bearing walls of the museum. Each visitor to the museum must pass through the turnstile in order to see the exhibition. Each input on the turnstile ever so slightly expands the jack, and ultimately if enough people visit the exhibition, SAMSON could theoretically destroy the building.

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Briac Leprêtre


‘Si j’étais un charpentier…’ (2008) by Briac Leprêtre.

The title is based on a Johnny Cash song: ‘If i were a carpenter’:


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Jeppe Hein, ‘360 presence’


Jeppe Hein, ‘360 presence’ (2002)

Interview with Jeppe Hein here.