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Adam Fearon




Adam Fearon, ‘Dwell’ (2014)

Ruben Ochoa

Ruben Ochoa Grounded, 2010

Ruben Ochoa, ‘Grounded’ (2010)

Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman I am Alone but Not Lonely, 2013

Jon Rafman, ‘I am alone, but not lonely’ (2013)

Julian Hoeber


Julian Hoeber, ‘Living Room’ (2014)

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson Pyramid of Dust 2011

Matt Johnson, ‘Pyramid of dust’ (2011)

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson Triple Bluff Canyon 2004

‘Triple bluff canyon’ (2004) by Mike Nelson

Hans Schabus

Hans Schabus - The Shaft Of Babel (2003). Over days, Schabus digged a 15 feet deep hole in his atelier and shifted the earth to a pile

Hans Schabus, ‘The Shaft Of Babel’ (2003).

Over days, Schabus dug a 15 feet deep hole in his studio and shifted the earth to a pile.