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Adolf Loos


The only published photograph of an Adolf Loos interior that includes a human figure. The man can only just be seen at the entrance to the drawing room of the Rufer house in Vienna (1922).

Franz West

Franz West — Table from-West Cafe-documenta X

Franz West, ‘Table from West Café’ at Documenta X (1997)

Egon Riss


The Penguin donkey bookcase, from 1939, by Egon Riss.

Lucie Rie


By Lucie Rie.

Gertrude Quastler

Gertrude Quastler_Polly and MacHeath, circa 1960

Gertrude Quastler, ‘Polly and MacHeath’ (circa 1960)


2,5-3 by chmara.rosinke

‘2,5³’ (2013) by Chmara.Rosinke

A minimal living cube, for which the 60s and 70s were an inspiration. In this era, many architects and designers concerned themselves with the idea of modular and mobile living structures and wanted to revolutionarize social canons. A negation of consumerism and the idea of contemporary nomadism has lead that time to various visionary concepts like modular micro-houses of Ken Isaacs, Joe Colombos multifunctional „total furnishing unit” or the „living cube“ concept of Papanek and Hennessey.

Franz West


Franz West, ‘Uncle chair’ (2005)

Heimo Zobernig

Heimo Zobernig Untitled 2005

Heimo Zobernig, untitled (2005)

Gertrude Quastler

Gertrude Quastler- Assemblage, driftwood, sea shells, wire and other found objects, cora 1960

Gertrude Quastler, ‘Assemblage’ (ca. 1960)

Driftwood, sea shells, wire and other found objects.

Leopold Kessler


Leopold Kessler, ‘Bistabilised door’ (2010)

Kessler changed the mechanics on the entrance to Lombard-Freid Projects in New York so that the door opened in a different direction each time it was used.