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2,5-3 by chmara.rosinke

‘2,5³’ (2013) by Chmara.Rosinke

A minimal living cube, for which the 60s and 70s were an inspiration. In this era, many architects and designers concerned themselves with the idea of modular and mobile living structures and wanted to revolutionarize social canons. A negation of consumerism and the idea of contemporary nomadism has lead that time to various visionary concepts like modular micro-houses of Ken Isaacs, Joe Colombos multifunctional „total furnishing unit” or the „living cube“ concept of Papanek and Hennessey.

Yannick Val Gesto

‘VHS Dream #2’ (2010) by Yannick Val Gesto.

Hedwig Houben


‘Accesories #2’ (2008) by Hedwig Houben

Pencil drawings (27 x 36 cm.)

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Guido van de Werve



Guido van de Werve, ‘Nummer twee’ (35mm 3’08”, 2003). Watch it here.